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The academy of al Jazira club was initiated at the first of July of 2004, and it’s a strong example of the club investment at football and it sets a role model for all the other clubs to look and thrive to the future.

The academy which is located in Al Shamkha, provide the chances of excellent education for the very talented young students, and developing the sports and academic abilities of these students is considered as a top priority of the club being a leading professional club.


By establishing 9 other branches in Baniyas, Al Shahama, Ibn Sina, Khalifa A, Al Marfaa, Al Shawamikh, Al Wathba, Al Bahya and Al Fujaira, the club aiming to guarantee a smooth developing for all the talented players since the early ages through the academy and then to the first team, and by the time those other branches will help to carry the vision of the club and deliver to the other sports and community corporations in the whole country.

The vision is to transform the young talented players into a full grown and professional one by creating a sports culture in UAE.


The message is to establish Al Jazira academy as elite sports corporation which working always on finding and developing the promising sports talents through all the country. The goal is to achieve the worldwide excellence on sports performance, providing a perfect educational and sports environment, providing the highest sports sciences, training and support worldwide standards, and merge the sports and games into people daily life in UAE.