Ramadan Tolerance Tournament hosted by Al Jazira Club VPS Ramdan

Monday 13th of May 2019 12:00:00 AM
The Ramadan Tolerance Tournament was opened late last night at Al-Jazira Club hospitality from 11 May to 25 September.
The Ramadan tournament is organized by VPS Healthcare Group, with 485 players representing 20 teams representing a number of hospitals and medical service providers.
Teams participating in 3 sports - football, volleyball and badminton - have been divided into a team of women and men in every sport.
The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Amran Khoury, President and Director of Business Development at VPS, accompanied by Mr. Adel Al Marzouqi, Board Member of Al Jazeera Club.
Mr. Adel Al Marzouki, representing Al Jazira Club, said that Al Jazira Club is committed to the vision of its leadership in communicating with the community and its activities and to promote activities that will increase the public presence within the club and provide all possible support for the success of events in the holy month of Ramadan.
The opening of the tournament began after the arrival of the tournament sponsor and the guests with a presentation line for all 20 participating teams and peace by the patron of the tournament and then started directly the tournament matches on the main and subsidiary lounge of Al-Jazira Club in the multi-purpose hall.