Al-Jazira Club begins its career in the Federation Basketball Cup with a deserved victory over Bani Yas

Wednesday 11th of Sep 2019 12:00:00 AM
Abu Dhabi 11 December 2019
The UAE Basketball Federation Championship kicked off this evening with the participation of all UAE clubs
The Al Jazira branch hall hosted the first round.
 The opening match was very exciting and friendly, which brought Abu Dhabi's pride to its brother Bani Yas Club in the presence of HE Rashed Ateeq Al Hameli, Board Member of Al Jazira Club and Chairman of Other Games Company.
The first quarter ended in favor of Bani Yas by two points, while the second quarter ended in favor of Al Jazeera and by three points was the result of the first half progressed Al Jazira half basket and 31 to 30.
With the start of the third quarter, Bani Yas advanced in the beginning of the quarter before the island started again and end the third quarter in his favor and by eight points.
The fourth quarter started with the delay of Bani Yas, increasing the confidence of Al Jazira young national players and their ability to register and follow up the progress to end the fourth quarter with the progress of Al Jazeera by 15 points against 14 and a final result of 63 points for Al Jazeera against 53 for Bani Yas.