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Al Jazira and Emirates Aluminum Launches EMAL Tournament

Abu Dhabi: 25 November 2013
Al Jazira Football Company held a press conference on Al Jazira Club conference room at the morning of Sunday 25th of November, to Launch EMAL Football Tournament for schools, under hospitality of Al Jazira, sponsorship of Emirates Aluminum Company, and technical management of Espana Sports Academy.
Attended the conference Mr. Ammar Al Bashir, Al Jazira CEO; Mr. Yousuf Bastaki, the Vice President of Projects and the Deputy of the Acting CEO of EMAL, Mr. Khalifa Al Mazrooei the Director od Administrative Services and Governmental Relations, And Mr. Juan Pedro Benali, the CEO of Espana Sports Academy, Ali Khaseif, the captain of Al Jazira and UAE National Team, and representatives from the participating schools and media. 
Mr. Ammar started the conference by welcoming the guests, and explained that Al Jazira hosted this event as part of the club, the Football Company and its president Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan interest in continuing to strength the incorporation of Al Jazira with the community, and expanding the popularity and the fan-base of Al Jazira; which are the projects that the club remained keen to implement successfully on a continuous basis; and that they are proud to cooperate with EMAL in launching this tournament for this season, and for the next season as we hope.
He also added that they are proud to support EMAL initiative to encourage the youth to maintain a healthy life style by keep practicing their favorite sport, which is football. 

Ammar introduced Mr. Yousuf Bastaki, who spoke briefly about EMAL and their happiness by their partnership with Al Jazira Club, and also with working for the first time with school students. He explained their sponsorship of this tournament comes within the keenness of EMAL to help and encourage this important category of the community to maintain sports as lifestyle, and to emphasize that the company activities is beyond industry and trade.
Ammar then introduced Mr. Benali, the academy CEO, who explained in details all the technical sides of the tournaments, and thanked Al Jazira and EMAL for their continuous efforts to support all the community activities and events.
He revealed that the matches’ results will not only be the key to decide the winners and the qualifying teams for the next rounds, but also the sportsmanship that the teams and the players will show during the matches.
Mr. Ammar revealed that a technical committee headed by Abdulhamed Al Mistaki, the technical supervisor of Al Jazira Academy, will be scouting for the best young talents during the tournament matches, in prior to sign them to the club academies.
In the last part, the speakers of the conference took memorial photos with the tournament cup and the official shirt, with Al Jazira captain Ali Khaseif. They also made short statements for Abu Dhabi Sports Channel.
Worthy to be mentioned is that the tournaments consists of teams from 24 schools and will be divided into four categories, with a total of about 300 U-18 yrs students from these schools. The tournament will start at the 30th of this month and the matches will played at weekends of 3 consecutive weeks.