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Al Jazira Club Welcomes Al Dana Students

Abu Dhabi: 16 February 2014
Students, visited the club for a close look at Al Jazira facilities and its sports and social roles, as part of Ana Jazrawi campaign for season 2013 – 2014.
Mr. Abdulrahman Al Jeasie welcomed the students, and took them into a tour inside the club main building and also Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium facilities, and provided them with detailed information about Al Jazira history and the most recognizable players and managers through its history, and also about the other sports that the club supports beside football.
During the tour, Mr. Al Jeasie explained to the students that Al Jazira Club is not just about football or sports only, but it’s a institutions that has great obligations towards the UAE community, and promised them that the club will always keep its doors open for the students, and will always supports all their sports and social activities.
At the end of the visit, the students spent fun time practicing some sports and the arena and Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, and received presents and took memorial photos in the club facilities.