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Al Jazira Players Visits AD Center for Special Needs

Abu Dhabi: 26 March 2014
As part of Al Jazira Community Service Program, the trio Ali Khaseif and, Yasir Matar and Hyungmin Shin visited Abilities Development Center Special Needs in Abu Dhabi, in the morning of Tuesday the 25th of March, accompanied by the community manager Mr. Abdulrahman Al Jeasie and the media office employees.
Mrs. Samira Salim, the manager of the center welcomed the players and took them on a tour around the sections and departments of the center, and offered detailed explanations about the nature of disabilities of the special needs, and about their efforts to take care of them and providing them the most possible physical, mental and medical care.
Khaseif, Yasir and Shin showed great admiration for the great efforts of the staff of the center and for the humanity and mercy they show to the special needs in the center. 

Mrs. Samira welcomed the players in her office and thanked them for their visit and for sharing these moments with this special category of the community, and awarded them with memorial presents as a grateful gesture for their visit and for cheering up the children and sharing these special moments with them.
In return, Ali Khaseif, on behalf of his teammates thanked her for the warm reception, and expressed his and his teammates and all the club gratitude for her efforts and the center employees’ efforts for helping the special needs, and wished them success in their noble and human work.