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Arbitral Educational Workshop for Al Jazira Players

Abu Dhabi: 24 September 2013 
In the conference room at the 1st floor of Al Jazira Club, the UAEFA has organized in Monday 23 Sep. an Arbitral Educational Workshop managed and lectured by Shamsul Maidin, the technical manager of the referees committee at UAEFA, and attended by the first team players and their coaching and managerial staff.
At the start Mr. Maidin introduced himself and explained the objectives of the workshop as it will be to educated the players and encourage them to cooperate with the referees, and also to remind them with the nature of referees mistakes and how it affect the matches results in the same way the mistakes of players and coaches affecting it.
The former national referee also explained many refereeing cases with specifying the correct decision about it, like excessive roughness, tackles and how to differentiate between deliberate and non-deliberate handball, and also the falling in and simulation inside the penalty area.
Al Jazira players expressed a great deal of arbitral laws awareness as they decided with the lecturers the correct decision of the cases, and they also asked many questions about the ideal way to contact and approach the referee during the match.
At the end Mr. Shamsul Maidin thanked the Club and the players, and exchanged the souvenirs with the team captains Ali Khaseif and Subait Khater.