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FC Dallas Finishes Their Training Camp in Al Jazira

Abu Dhabi: 10 February 2014
The USA Football team FC Dallas is getting ready to finish their training camp in Al Jazira Club, as they are preparing to kick off their local football season.
Al Jazira Club is hosting FC Dallas camp as part of the winter activities of the club that saw them hosting many training camps for national and international teams from all over the world.
The American team checked in Al Jazira hotel since the 30th of last January and kept training on the sub-pitches of Al Jazira Club on daily basis, under the supervision of the their coach Oscar Pareja and with participation of all the players.
Al Jazira Football Company, represented by the CEO Mr. Ammar Al Bashir celebrated FC Dallas delegate on the morning of Monday the 10th of February in Al Jazira Hotel Lobby; he present Al Jazira Crystal Slogan to Mr. Lamar Hunt, who in return present FC Dallas shirt to Ammar in expression of their gratitude for Al Jazira Club and company.
Speaking to , Mr. Lamar Hunt expressed their happiness for the success of the camp and for the warm reception and generous hospitality they had from Al Jazira administrators and employees. 
He explained that the perfect training fields, the well-equipped medical units and gymnasiums halls and the good service in the hotel helped them to achieve 100% of their goals from this training camp, and revealed that they are already thinking about coming back to Abu Dhabi and Al Jazira in the future for training camps.
Lamar explained that coming to UAE and hosted by great club like Al Jazira is totally new and different experience of Dallas player and their coaching staff. He admitted that they wanted to have a friendly match against Al Jazira first team, but the busy schedule of the team made it impossible for them to play this match.
At the end, Mr. Lamar repeated his thanks and appreciation for Al Jazira management and employees, and hoped that the sports partnership between the two clubs can improve and develop in the next future and sees more experience sharing and visits between the two sides.