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Successful Second Day for ADSC Schools Festival

Abu Dhabi: 27 January 2014
Al Jazira sub-pitches hosted on last Friday the matches of the second day of Abu Dhabi Sports Council Festival, which is organized and sponsored by the council, and included the professional football club of Abu Dhabi Al Jazira, Al Ain, Al Wahda, Bani Yas and Al Dhafra.
The first day was on the 29th of November 2013 in Al Ain Club, and the other 3 days will be held in the other 3 clubs of Abu Dhabi.
The council is organizing this festival as part of their efforts to support the activities of the juniors teams of Abu Dhabi club, and to enhance the fair play values between the young ages and developing their individual and collective skills.
Mr. Khalid Al Meflihi  represented the council in the festival, accompanied by Ahmed Saeed, the manager of MBZ Stadium, Ahmed Al Shabibi and Abdullah Al Shabibi from Al Jazira Academy, Rajaa Al Kaabi and Badr Ragab from Al Jazira schools. 

Abu Dhabi clubs has been represented in the festival with two teams: U8 and U7 years; the matches were played in the second and fourth sub-pitches from 15:00 until 18:30 of Friday evening.
The teams has been divided into two groups, the first group consisted of U8 teams and the other consisted of U7, the matches played in league system and team with the highest points crowned as champion at the end of the day.
The matches showed great tactical abilities and good individual skills from the juniors, who also expressed their team spirit and fair play values all the time.
After the last match the participated teams received memorial awards, and Mr. Al Meflihi has been honored by Al Jazira shield by the club academy principles, and in return he awarded them with memorial shields from the council, as an appreciation for their efforts to make the festival successful.