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Al Jazira beats Emirates and gets their first victory on MBZ

Abu Dhabi: 14 December 2013
Al Jazira managed to have their first victory in his ground for this season, when they beat Emirates with one goal in the match that has been played in Mohammed bin Zayed stadium, at Saturday the 14th of December, as part of the 10th round of the Arabian Gulf League.
Walter Zenga made several changes on his startup line, he relied on Ali Khaseif, Khalid Sabil, Musallem Fayez, Jumaa Abdullah, Abdullah Musa, Hyung Min Chin, Sultan Barghash, Abdulazez Barrada, Ahmed Rabee, Khalfan Mubarak and Ricardo Oliveira. The substitutes were Khalid Al Senani, Khalid Butti, Sultan Al Suwaidi, Subait Khater, Ali Al Ameri, Ahmed Al Attas and Nelson Valdez.
Oliveira and his teammates expressed their attacking intentions early, as Abdullah Musa struck a strong shot in the first minute but Emirates goalkeeper blocked it by his fingertips; Sultan Barghash shot from inside the penalty area but once again the keeper blocked it easily in the fifth minute.
The first real scoring chance though was for Emirates, when Jair shot strongly towards Ali Khaseif, but the denied him that chance by blocking the ball away.
Al Jazira went back to knock on their guests door; Musa tried again from long distance, but again the keeper was in the right place to hold the ball easily, Oliveira followed him with another shot in the 7th minute, but it was also easy. Abdullah Musa received the first yellow card in the match at the 21st minute, and before the first 30 minutes passed, Ahmed Rabee faced the keeper but he shot in his body.
Finally Ricardo Oliveira put an end to the keeper brilliant performance, and used a fallen ball from his hands and put inside the net to give Al Jazira their first leading goal in the 39th minute.
The last five minutes and the three added ones passed without any worthy events, except for the yellow card that has been shown to Min Chin, and the first half ended with Al Jazira leading by one goal.

The same players who ended the first half returned to the pitch at the second one; Rabee made a quick run in the right flank and crossed the ball to Khalfan, but the latter ball went above the ball in the 49th minute. Then Barrada passed all the defenders who tried to stop him and put Sultan Barghash in front of the goal, but he shot directly in the keeper body.
Sultan passed a quick and smart ball to Oliveira who get rid of his marker and went face to face with Emirates keeper, but Musa closed the angle for him and forced him to shot in his body in the 60th minute.
Zenga maded two consecutive substitutes, with Subait Khater and Nelson Valdez replacing Khalfan Muabrak and Ahmed Rabee.
In the last third of the match the tempo increased as the two teams searched for a goal for different purposes; Oliveira almost scored his second goal, but his direct shot from Subait crossed touched the post and went out in the 73rd minute. The Brazilian and his Moroccan teammate Barrada tested Emirates goalkeeper with two shots in the 85th minute, but the keeper kept to deny Al Jazira their second goal.
In the last minute of the second half Zenga used his last card when he substituted Sultan Bargash with Sultan Al Suwaidi; then the referee Hamad Al Sheikh added 4 extra minutes, and after he gave Nelson Valdez a yellow card, he blew his last whistle announcing Al Jazira as a winner, for the first time in Mohamed bin Zayed Stadium in this season. The team reached their 16th point in the league credit and climbed the table to the 4th place temporarily.