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Al Jazira Completes its Preparations to host Al Sharjah

On the first sub-pitch on Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, Al Jazira team completes on Friday 6/9 night the preparations to host Al Sharjah at Sundy 8/9 at 20:30hrs in the second match on the first round of UAE League Cup.
Al Jazira won the first match on the tournament away against Al Shaab with one goal on last Tuesday, the players has been given a day off after they came back from Al Sharjah, they resumed the daily training of Thursday and then conducted their main training for Al Sharjah match under the supervision of head manager Luis Milla and his staff, and missed the training the national trio Ali Khaseif, Khamis Ismail and Ali Mabkhout who are in KSA with UAE national team, Abdelaziz Barrada who are with Morocco national team, and the injured Khalid Sabil.
Witnessed the session Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, chairman of Al Jazira Football Company, the board members, media representatives and Al Jazira fans.
The training session started with the usual warm-ups, then the coach divided the players into two groups and they trained on different tactic moves and also on set pieces, in the last part of the session the coach gathered his players and lectured them about the session and about next match, then the players did the usual stretching muscles training before leaving the pitch.
Luis Milla: Al Sharjah will be highly motivated 
Spanish coach of Al Jazira Luis Milla expected that their opponent on next match Al Sharjah team will be highly motivated when the two teams face each other at Mohammed bin Zayed stadium on Sunday, but he kept his full confidence on his players to show the right spirit and attitude and fight hard to take the three points of this match.
Milla said before the match that beating Al Sharjah will require a continuous focus and high and fighting spirit from his players, and that’s because the opponent has many motivations to make him fight back, as they will try to prove that the promotion to the Pro league is not a coincidence and they are capable to compete with big teams. And also they will be motivated by playing against team like Al Jazira in a ground like Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, and this will make them play with defensive mind use the counter attacks as offensive method. And also because Al Sharjah squad has so many talented players who can always decide the score for their own team.
Milla also confirmed that Al Sharjah coach Paulo Bonamigo will use a very powerful card, that he was the coach of Al Jazira at the start of last season, and he knows a lot about most of Al Jazira current players and this will help him prepare for Sunday match in a very useful way. But in spite of all these motivations and factors, Milla insisted that his players will show during this match and high fighting spirit, and they will think only about winning and getting the 3 points to add it to their tally in the cup.
The coach refused to promise that the second match will show his team score more goals, but he promised that the performance will improve because the team will always work to improve and be better, and because the next match against Al Sharjah will be at their own home and under sthe sights of their fans, and also because the pitch will help them to keep the ball and move, which was not possible in the first match against Al Shaab in Al Sharjah stadium.
The Spanish revealed that he will rotate his squad for Al Sharjah match to avoid the tiredness, and also to compensate the shortfall in the squad. But he confirmed that any 11 players will be fully prepared to deal with any opponent and to fight for the full points.
Musallem Fayez: We will not give up points on our home
Al Jazira defender Musallem Fayez showed a great confidence on their ability to get all the points from that matches that will be played on Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, but he also admit that their opponent is strong and playing against them will be very complicated.
Fayzed revealed that he and his teammates are fully aware that Al Sharjah will cause them a lot of problems and will make reaching their net a very difficult task. He also offered respect to Paulo Bonamigo, former Al Jazira and current Al Sharjah coach, but insisted that playing on Mohammed bin Zayed will make the win is their only choice.
Fayez admitted that the performance in the first match against Al Shaab was not satisfying due to many factors, but he promised the fans that the team will give 200% of their efforts to be at their best and to put a good performance in all the matches and against all competitors, and he is very confident that the fans of Al Jazira will always show their support for their team in Mohammed bin Zayed stadium and outside it.