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Al Jazira Fights Hard to Earn the First 3 Points in the League

 Abu Dhabi: 15 September 2013
Al Jazira kicked off their campaign in the Arabian Gulf League for season 2013 – 2014 with a well-deserved win against their host Al Shaab, in the the dramatic match that has been played in Mohammed bin Khalid stadium in Al Sharjah at Sunday 15-9 as part of day 2 of round 1 of the competition.
For the first half Luis Milla counted on Ali Khaseif, Salim Masoud, Musallem Fayez, Min Chin, Abdullah Musa, Khamis Ismail, Yaqub Al Hosani, Ricardo Oliveira, Abdelaziz Barrada, Ali Mabkhout and Nelson Valdez.
The rhythm at the start of the match was slow and the ball was only in the midfield as both teams failed to create any clear scoring chances, and for the first 15 minutes the only chances was created by Al Shaab at 11th minute, but at last Al Shaab moved the still waters when Ali Mabkhout failed to posses his ball and it reached Ahmed Eisa who struck at strongly to get behind Ali Khaseif and give the host the lead.
After the goal Al Jazira players moved forward to equalize the score, and they got a corner but the defender cleared the ball from the goal line, and then they got a second corner and also didn’t used it well, then the tempo slowed down after Musallem got an injury prevented him from continuing the match and forced his coach to replace him with Abdullah Gumaa at 30th minute.
Al Jazira resumed to search for the equalizer, and the pressure forced Ahmed Kameel to have a yellow card for fouling Abdelaziz Barrada, and against the match flow, Al Shaab got a free kick just out the box, but Ali Khaseif saved the ball easily as the referee ended the first half with Al Jazira trailing behind by one goal.
Luis Milla didn’t change his squad at the second half, but his players kept pushing forward and kept the ball at the defensive lines of Al Shaab; Abdullah Musa sent a cross towards Valdez head but the goalkeeper cleared the ball by his fingertips, then he cleared Valdez shot to the corner and followed him Oliveira with a strong shot that passed near the post; then the match stopped when Nelson Valdez fall down after a hard tackle from Ahmed Kameel.
After one hour Milla replaced Al Hosani with Yasir Matar to add more physical presence for his team in the midfield and Al Jazira kept searching and digging the defensive wall of Al Shaab, Oliveria struck the ball strongly but it went beside the post, and he backward it and it also went away, then the Brazilian had a free kick but he shot it the human all, and to offer more help for his players, Milla used his last card when he pulled Salim Masoud and replaced him with Abdullah Qasim to activate the right side of the team.
And finally, Al Jazira get what they were looking for, when Barrada sent cross from the corner to Abdullah Gumaa who headed it towards to goal from a close range but the defender blocked it and find Abdullah Musa who shot first time and netted the goal and started celebrations in Al Jazira side with the equalizer at 81st minute.
Al Jazira players didn’t backed off and they kept knocking Al Shaab door, and before the last official time of second half the two teams tried to break the match, the referee gave six minutes as added time, on the first minute of it Mabkhout struck the ball but the keeper divert it to the corner, then Ali faced the goalkeeper but the assistant paused the attack with his flag announcing an offside against Al Jazira.
But because they were the better team and because the fight hard during the first half, football awarded Al Jazira with the winning goal, when Valdez dribbled the ball behind the goalkeeper and passed to Mabkhout who shot it but the keeper saved to find Oliveira who shot it strongly behind the keeper and defenders and inside the goal, and gave Al Jazira a dramatic but well-deserved second goal at the 4th added minute. The referee blew his whistle after that declaring Al Jazira as winners as they put the first 3 points in their league credit.