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  • Fri 21 Dec 2018, 19 : 30 - Arabian Gulf Cup

Al Jazira Gets Ready to Face Al Shaab in the League

 Abu Dhabi: 14/9/2013
On the first sub-pitch on Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, Al Jazira team completes on Friday 13/9 night the preparations to face Al Shaab at Sundy 15/9 at 17:35hrs in the first match on the Arabian Gulf League for season 2013 – 2014, in Khalid bin Mihammed stadium at Al Sharjah.
The team had their main training session for the match at Friday under supervision of Spanish manager Luis Milla and his assitants, and with the full squad after retrieving the national players Ali Khaseif, Khamis Ismail, Ali Mabkhout and Abdelaziz Barrada who were on national duties during last week and missed the two games against Al Shaab and Al Sharjah in the League Cup. And missed the session the injured Khalid Sabil, and Sultan Al Suwaidi who still under recovery program, and who trained separately with the team doctor.
Witnessed the session Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, chairman of Al Jazira Football Company, the board members, media representatives and Al Jazira fans.
The training session started with the usual warm-ups, then the coach divided the players into two groups and they trained on different tactic moves and also on set pieces, in the last part of the session the coach gathered his players and lectured them about the session and about next match, then the players did the usual stretching muscles training before leaving the pitch.
Milla: Last Defeat Will Not Affect Us Negatively
The Spanish coach of Al Jazira Luis Milla pledged during the pre-match press conference that his players will do their best to use their first match in the league against Al Shaab on Sunday to correct the negative image they reflect about the team during the last match against Al Sharjah in the cup, which they lost in their ground Mohammed bin Zayed stadium last week by 3 goals to 0.
At the beginning Milla expressed his satisfaction about the work and the preparations for Sunday match and about the great work they players did after Al Sharjah match, and he confirmed that all of them are eager to correct the negative image they reflect about the team, and to make sure that what happened at that night will not repeat itself during this season.
Milla admitted that Al Jazira has suffered during their last visit to Al Shaab and he revealed that match has confirmed to everybody that Al Shaab has the strength and motivations to compete for the leading ranks in the league table. He also said that their team has a good squad, and they have strong attacking line that can cause problems to any defense they play against. And also tribute his counterpart the Romanian Marius Somodica for the great work he’s doing with Al Shaab, and for making his character appeared clearly on his players performance since the early stages of this season.
But inspite of all these, Milla stressed that they are completely focusing on the three points of this match, because winning will confirm that the Al Jazira has overcame all the negative effects of the defeat against Al Sharjah; he wished that his players will show the real character of Al Jazira that they showed during the friendly matches in the preseason, and also in the first match of this season at Al Sharjah stadium two weeks ago.
The Spanish manager confirmed that the inclusion of Ali Khaseif, Khamis Ismail, Ali Mabkhout and Abdelaziz Barrada is totally depending on the medical and coaching staff decision about their physical status. He reminded again that his squad can replace any player and he will keep giving chances to every player to keep the whole squad well prepared for the season competitions.
In his last words Milla stressed that the match against Al Shaab is more important because they faced this opponent two weeks ago, and because they will play this match after a few days of the defeat in the cup, and also because this match is their league opener. He confirmed that all these factors will give special motivations to the players to join the starting 11 and to fight in the pitch for the 3 points and to go back to Abu Dhabi victorious.
Al Hammadi: We Will Fight in Al Shaab Ground
Al Jazira defender Hamad Al Hammadi agreed with his coach and admitted that playing against Al Shaab in Khalid bin Mohammed stadium is always difficult and complicated, but he insisted that he and his teammates will fight on Sunday match to get the 3 points, and to remind all the competitors that Al Jazira will fight for all this season titles, and compensate the fans for the disappointing defeat in the cup.
Al Hammdi described that defeat as a hard lesson, but he stressed that is was very useful lesson for the players and their coach; he revealed that they worked hard during the last days to correct the mistakes they made against Al Sharjah, and promised that they will fight against Al Shaab on Sunday to get the points and guarantee the right start for their season.
Hamad expressed his faith on the work the team has done during the preseason will lead them to great results in the upcoming rounds of this season competitions, he promised Al Jazira fans that the best is yet to come, and their team will always fight to remain in the leading ranks in the race for this season titles.