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Al Jazira Keeps Preparing for the Cup Tie against Al Ain

Abu Dhabi: 3 November 2013
The first football team kept their daily intensive training sessions going, as they are preparing for the next cup match against Al Ain, which will be played in Al Nahyan stadium at Thursday November 7 as part of the fifth round of the competition.
The team had one day off after the last league match against Dunbi at Wednesday 30 October, and starting from last Saturday they went back training on a daily basis in the first sub-pitch at the club.
The Italian coach Walter Zenga and his staff leaded the Sunday training session, and the team worked on different offensive and defensive tactics; they had a mini match in the half of the pitch, listened to a short lecture from their coach before stretching their muscles, and leave the pitch.
The players who missed the session are the national trio Ali Khaseif, Khamis Ismail and Ali Mabkhout, who are joined the national squad for the friendly match against Philippine on next Saturday. Also missed it the injured Nelson Valdez who will be sidelined for two weeks, Salim Masoud who is getting ready for a second operation and Germany, Yaqub Al Hosani who will undergo a surgery on Tuesday for his knee, and Khalid Sabil, who is going through a recovery program.
The team will conduct their main training session for the match in Tuesday 5 November in Al Jazira academy grounds in Al Shawamekh, because Mohamed bin Zayed stadium will be hosting one of the semi-final matches of the FIFA U-17 World Cup at the same day.
Al Jazira is in the 4th place in the first group with 6 points collected from 3 matches, while Al Ain is in the third place with 7 points collected from 4 matches.