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  • Fri 14 Dec 2018, 19 : 30 - Arabian Gulf League

Al Jazira Launch his Preparations for the New Season

Attended the training session His Highness Mohamed bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the chairman of Al Jazira Football Company, media representative and the team fans.
Before the training, Milla in the locker room with his players, he welcomed the new ones, and stressed on the importance of giving their best during the trainings because it will set the tone for the next season in the local and Asian Competitions, and revealed some headlines for the next period and wish them luck.
After getting in the pitch, the players did some fitness trainings with the fitness coach, then they divided the players into two groups, the first continued to work on fitness, and the rest did some trainings with the ball, meanwhile the goalkeepers worked separately with their coach.
After that the whole squad has been divided into four groups and they work with the ball and Milla and his assistants kept stopping the training to correct the mistakes and direct the players and they spoke to everyone in person to put him on the right track.
The coach finalized the session with mini match with all the players and then by fitness training to the stretch their muscle.
Luis Media spoke exclusively to the club media office after the training session about his impressions for the beginning of the preparations, he said this sessions was fully dedicated to see his players after the holiday get close to his players and to welcome them, he told them what he needs and expects from them during the preparations period, and insisted that those weeks will set the main lines for the first squad for next season and he will be fair to everyone and he will categorize them basing on their response to the trainings and the instructions.
And about his current priorities Milla said that he will work on creating a team out of the current group, and to install the team and family spirit in and out the pitch, and create a sense of competition between all of them, to guarantee that they will always be prepared whenever he needs them during the long coming season. 
He also stressed that he will guide them to reach their best and perfect level of fitness and mental readiness before first match on the season.
Milla also said the first part of the preparations will take into consider the effect of Ramadan and the hot weather, but he will escalate the program on the training camp on Germany and Switzerland because the weather conditions there will be perfect.