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Al Jazira Loses to Al Wahda in the Youth (19 years) League

 Abu Dhabi: 17 September 2013
With 4 goals to 2, Al Jazira Youth team lost their match against their host Al Wahda, in the match that has been played at Al Wahda Club Academy stadium in Al Shahama, at Tuesday 17-9, as part of second week of the first round of groups stages of the Youth (19 Years) League.
Coach Johannes Martinus started the match with Yousif Rashid, Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, Salim bin Rashid, Sultan Abdulwahab, Zayed Mohammed, Abdulrahman Gasim, Mohammed Butti, Salim Mohammed, Khalid Gamal, Ahmed Rabea and Nahyan Harib.
Start of the first half was very frustrated for Al Jazira as they conceded an early goal at 4th minute, followed by another goal at the 13th minute, the two consecutive goals shocked the players and prevented them from reacting quickly and correctly, and losing focus cost them a third goal at 27th minute, and although Mohammed Butti scored to minimize the difference for Al Jazira at the 27th minute, the first half ended with Al Wahda celebrating their fourth goal which has been scored at 42nd minute.
Al Jazira performance improved at second half and Salman Saeed came and substituted Salim Mohammed, the team attacks has been more forward and fluent and the coach helped his players by injecting a fresh blood as he substituted Abdulrahman Gasim and Zayed Mohammed with Eisa Wuhaib and Mohammed Rabea.
Al Jazira took total control of the match at its last 15 minutes but they failed to put the goal behind Al Wahda goalkeeper, Mohammd Butti came out and Badr Mohammed came in but the result was still the same until the referee blew his whistle ending the second half and the match with Al Jazira losing by 2 goals to 4.