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  • Fri 14 Dec 2018, 19 : 30 - Arabian Gulf League

Al Jazira preparations for the new season continues

Al Jazira Football team continued to prepare for the new season by a training sessions held on Friday 26th of July on the sub-pitch at the club, a few of the team fans watched the training; and the session ran leaded by Luis Milla and his staff, and with the full squad, except the goalkeeper Ali Khesaif, who represented the club in the draw ceremony of Arabian Gulf League for season 2013 – 2014.
The session started with warm-ups in the gymnasium, then the players went to the pitch and trained with the ball, then they has been divided into two groups and trained on passes and worked on some tactics moves with the participation of the goalkeeper.
The squad then had a mini and short match, and at the end they listened to short lecture from the coach then they did the stretch trainings.
Arabian Gulf League Draw
About the Arabian Gulf League Draw for the new season 2013 - 2014, Mohamed Ateeg Al Hamly spoke to the club media center; he said that the Pro League Committee directed the ceremony in the best possible way and it matched the event both for the league and cup.
About the Cup Al Hamly said the draw was fair for all the teams with its new system by dividing the teams into two groups instead of three and that every group matches will be tough and there will be many derbies for the fans.
And about the league, Al Hamly mentioned that he expected great competition between all the teams, because all the clubs made great changes on coaches and foreign players. And for us, the competing for the titles will be our main goal, and will look forward to see the players on their best.