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Al Jazira Renew Trust on Squad and Disclaim Replacing Valdez

Abu Dhabi: 24 September 2013 
Al Jazira Football Company has issued of Tuesday 24 Sep. an official statement disclaiming what was stated in of the local newspapers about alleged negotiations between the club and Omani National Team and Saudi Al Ahli Club striker Imad Al Hosani, before closing the some transfer window by a few hours, to replace Al Jazira injured striker Nelson Valdez.
The statement stressed that the company and its official did not speak or declare to any newspaper or any media about any kind negotiations with the above mentioned player or any else player, and that the company puts its full trust and confidence on the current team squad and it only aims to provide all means of success to the coaching staff and the players, and there is no intention to replace any injured player.
The company considered and will always consider the media as major an important partner for the club and company, and it will always put all its official channels to communicate and share the true news and facts about the club, without the need to interpretations or misleading.
Worthy to be mentioned is that the media office of Al Jazira Club has issued earlier an official press release about the injury condition of Valdez, confirming that the Paraguayan is suffering from stretching in his right knee ligaments, and will resume his trainings after three weeks.