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  • Fri 14 Dec 2018, 19 : 30 - Arabian Gulf League

Al Jazira resumes their trainings in Interlaken

 After playing and winning their first friendly match in the European camp against FC Lausanne, Al Jazira Football Team resumed their trainings in Interlaken city with the fitness being the main concerning point for coach Luis Milla.
In the last trainings Milla divided the players into two groups, the first group ran in the woods for about 10 km in groups and individually, the second group trained on the pitch and vice versa, the session lasted for two and half hours during morning and evening.
When he has been asked about his concentration on physical fitness, Luis Milla explained that the goal of Switzerland camp is to help the players to reach their ideal physical and mental fitness levels before start of the new season, and he didn’t forget to thank his players for the commitment and discipline they showed during the last days.

Al Hamli Praises Abu Dhabi Sports Channel

Before and after the friendly match against FC Lausanne in Lausanne Switzerland, Abu Dhabi Sports Channel covered all the activities of Al Jazira Team camp for the last days; the brilliant commentator Yaqub Al Saadi thanked Al Jazira for their full collaboration with his staff and he confirmed that the Channel will continue to cover the upcoming friendly matches of Al Jazira in Europe.
On the other hand, Mohamed Ateeg Al Hamli, board member of Al Jazira Football Company praised Abu Dhabi Sports Channel for their efforts in covering and broadcasting all the team activities including their first friendly match; he also stressed that they are in Al Jazira consider the media as their main and permanent partner, and they will always look forward to strength this partnership.
Al Jazira delegation provided a special studio for Abu Dhabi Sports Channel for the interviews they did with players and the managerial and coaching staff during the team camp in Switzerland. These interviews will be broadcasted before the new season kickoff in a special program.

Al Jazira Team Celebrates Khamees Ismail

Al Jazira players and staff celebrated the birthday day of their teammate Khamees Ismail in a lovely family atmosphere. The player thanked everybody for their nice gesture and for sharing this special moments with him.