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Al Jazira Youth Loses to Al Wahda in U17 League

 Abu Dhabi: 14 September 2013
Al Jazira youth football team (U-17) has lost their match against their guests Al Wahda team by 3 goals to 1, at Saturday 14-9 in the first sub-pitch of Al Jazira Academy in Al Shawamikh, as part of the first group matches of round 1 in groups stages of Youth League.
Al Jazira squad for the first half consisted from Khalid Mohammed Ahmed, Ahmed Meshaal, Mohammed Obaid, Abdullah Khalil, Alawi Mohammed Salih, Mohammed Rabee, Badr Adel, Badr Mohammed, Khalid Hassan, Mohammed Omer and Nawaf Ahmed.
The hosts kicked off the first match with great control on the ball and long ball possession periods, meanwhile Al Wahda was strong and organized defensively, and before the half of the half match, and exactly at the 27th minute, Butti Obaid Salim managed to score the first goal for Al Wahda, and before Al Jazira reacts, Mohammed Rashid shocked them with the second goal after 2 minutes from the first and cause a big confusion between Al Jazira players. 
Coach Johannes made two changes at 38th minutes, he replaced Ahmed Meshaal and Nawaf Ahmed with Rabee Abdullah and Mohmmed Faisal, but the scenario remained the same and first half ended with Al Jazira behind by 2 goals.
The second half started the same way, Al Jazira possessed the ball but without real created chances, and against their coaching staff wishes, Mohammed Rashid scored his second and Al Wahda third goal at 60th minute after an organized attack.
After the goal coach Johannes pulled Ali Mohammed out and replaced him with Saad Marzoug, the attacking performance improved a little bit until Badr Adel managed to minimize the difference by scoring for Al Jazira at 67th minute, the team didn’t responded to their goal and the performance remained the same, forcing the coach to use his last two cards by replacing Abdullah Khalil and Mohammed Rabee with Omer Mohammed and Talal Abdulgaleel, Al Jazira pushed forward to score more goals at the last ten minutes, but referee Khalid Al Mulla ended the second half and the match and crowned Al Wahda as winners for this fixture.