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BOREALIS Sponsors Al Jazira Preparatory Summer Camp

Abu Dhabi: 1 July 2014
Al Jazira Sports Football Club decided that the summer preparatory camp for the first football team will start at the 3rd of next August and it will be on Switzerland, and it will end on the 24th of the same month and it will be sponsored by BOREALIS, the official partner of Al Jazira Club, and the sponsor of Al Jazira team training camps in the last a few years.
The first period of the camp will be from the 3rd until the 14th of August and it will be in Saint Gallin City, the second part will start on the 15th and ends on the 24th of the same month and it will be in Interlakin city.
The team will gather on the 5th of this July, as the new coach Eric Gerets will lead the players in his first official training after he took the position of the former manager Walter Zenga. It’s expected that he will work with full squad, as the last a few days saw the players coming back from their vacations.
The preparation program will start will start with fitness and physical tests and measurements, as the technical staff will need check on all the players physical conditions after the vacations period, and to help them retrieve their ideal fitness level before launching the first fitness trainings.
The coach Eric Gerers told the media in his presentation press conference that the first part of the preparations, which will be during the days of holy month Ramadan, will start gradually and the training sessions will start late at night. According to him, in the second part in Switzerland the team will look for playing three friendly matches, or four if it’s possible, and he will aim generally to avoid any influential injuries before the start of the season.
Gerets declared earlier that he will bring the same staff who worked who worked with him in Olympic Marseille, the first Moroccan national team and Lekhwiya, to assist him in Al Jazira, and comes in the forefront of them his right hand the French assistant Dominique Cuperly.