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Braga: All Matches are Important, Not Only Al Ain Match

Abu Dhabi: 28 Oct. 2015
Abel Braga, the manager of the team, described the next game against Al Ain as complicated and important, as much as all the matches for Al Jazira, and he admitted that his team didn’t reach his best form yet, but he insisted that the last matches showed great development even if the results didn’t reflect that.
Speaking in the pre match press conference the coach said “All the matches are important for Al Jazira, and winning against Al Ain or any other opponent will always boost our moral and strength our confidence. I know we didn’t reach our best form yet, but I can confirm that we are improving, and now we need to use the derby against Al Ain to prove that we put our feet on the right path. The result of this match will not decide anything for the two teams, and definitely it will not crown the winner as champion of the league; it’s too early to issue these judges, and we need to focus only on this game, and forget anything else”.
“Al Ain is strong team, and keeping their coach and most of their players from last season gave them the advantage of the constancy and continuity elements. They have great squad, with exceptional players like the brothers Abdulrahman, and the strong duo in the midfield Felipe Bastos and Lee Myung, and also Emenike who is doing great job on the attack. We, in the other side, have great squad also, and very fierce attack line who can cause a lot of problems to any defense, and am sure that we will make it very tough for Al Ain on Friday night”, the coach said.
He added “Al Ain, and other teams like Al Shabab, Al Wasl and Al Nasr, are having special advantage over us because they kept their coaches from last season and now they are getting good results because they are playing on a constant and stable level, we need more time to reach this level, and more patience and hard work to get ourselves on the place we deserve”.
The manager shed some light on the physical condition of his players a head of Friday match, and said “Some of our players are suffering from physical problems, but our amazing medical team is doing exceptional work with these players, and I hope I can use the same, or almost the same players I used in the last two matches. Khamis Esmail joined his teammates in the training field but he is not 100% fit for the matches, and I wish we can have him back as soon as possible because he is very important for us, and also for the national team”.
The Brazilian insisted that Al Jazira is no longer regressing in the second halves of the matches, and explained “We recovered completely from this bad habit, and it was very clear against Al Shabab and Bani Yas that we are not regressing in the second have like we did in the first weeks of the season. We didn’t accept the draw result against Al Shabab and Bani Yas because we were the worst side in the second half, we accepted it because we suffered from strange bad luck in front of the goal”.
The coach defended his attackers and stressed that they have nothing to prove for him or for anyone else, and said “Our attackers are not suffering from some drop in their level, but they are only going through complicated period of bad luck, and the best attacker in the world, like Cristiano Ronaldo, went through this same period. Mirko and Mabkhout have nothing to prove for me or for anyone and UAE knows the size of the talent they have. Mirko was the top scored and the best foreign player in the last season, and Ali was the best local and the top scorer of UAE players’, and am very confident that they will retrieve their scoring instinct very soon”.
He also described his relationship with his players as warm and friendly. And explained “I would like to explain, and hopefully for the last time, that I don’t have any problem with one of my players, and honestly I don’t know why the media are coming up with this fake stories. Am enjoying a very good relationship with my players and with the club management, and the atmosphere in the dressing room is friendly and we are one family, and together we will enjoy great success and achievements in the near future”.
Braga sent special message to the organizers of the league, and said “The last changes in the league fixtures forced some teams to play on the 25th of December, and it’s the Christmas day, the holy and sacred day for a big group players, coaches and staff here in UAE, so am wondering of the league organizers can do something about this, and give the players from the other nationalities and religions and chance to celebrate this special and holy day”.