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Braga: The Derby is always Difficult and Special

Abu Dhabi: 16 September 2015
The coach of Al Jazira team Abel Braga described the next match against Al Wahda as difficult and complicated, like all the derbies, and believed that the absence of the suspended Chilean playmaker Valdivia will not have major negative effect on Al Wahda when they face Al Jazira next Friday.
Speaking in the pre match press conference the manager said “All the matches are important for Al Jazira, but the derby is different and special of course, and the self-motivations are always playing big roles in deciding this kind of games. Both teams will play only to win even if their circumstances are different now, Al Wahda needs the three points to recover from the last defeat in their home match against Al Shabab, and Al Jazira will try to win a second consecutive game to stay on the winning track, so for us we need to fight for every ball and do our best to deny them from getting away with any point”.
He added “I have good idea of course about the nature of Al Jazira vs. Al Wahda derbies, it’s always difficult and complicated for the both sides, and it was always popular between the fans and I wish that our stadium will be crowded on that Friday night. Winning the derby gives you extra motives to keep collecting points and help you to prepare for the next match with a good mentality, but at the same time the defeat will not be the end of your road, and you will have to recover quickly and restore your faith and concentration”.
The coach assured that his team will be ready to face Al Wahda, and said “The league program gave us before a long time to train and work, and now it’s giving us short period; we respect that and I guess we are doing good job in adjusting our schedule to this situation, but what worries me is the variation between the match timings; we played our first match against Al Wasl at night, then we played the second one in the evening, and now we will play against Al Wahda at night; the players will suffer while they are trying to cope with these different timings, and our job is to help them deal with it in the best possible way”.
Braga discussed the absence of Jorge Valdivia from Al Wahda in the derby, and said “Valdivia is great player and I watched him a lot while we were both in Brazil, he is talented and offering a lot of solutions to his team while he is in the pitch, but I don’t think Al Wahda will miss him badly against us; they have good squad and great players like Tagliabu, talents like Al Shehi and Aamir, experienced like Al Kamali, and of course the star of their team and they player I like and respect a lot, Ismail Matar. I also think they can use the absence of Valdivia as an advantage for them, because they can motivate the other players to fight and give their best to prove that Al Wahda is not relying solely on Valdivia”.