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Farfan: My First Goal will Come Soon

Abu Dhabi: 11 September 2015
The Peruvian winger Jefferson Farfan insisted that he is not worry at all for not scoring in his first two games with Al Jazira jersey, and explained that he is confident that his first goal is coming soon, and it’s just a matter of time before he celebrated with the fans.
He said “It was very difficult for me in the beginning, because I was new here, and they weather was very different and complicated for me and for all the new players, especially the foreigners, but now the weather is getting better, and am adapting very good and fast with my new atmosphere, and am ready to give whatever I have for Al Jazira”.
Jefferson added “Am calm and relaxed, and not worried at all because I didn’t score in the last two games; I came here to help Al Jazira to win the games and celebrated titles, not to achieve personal glory. Anyway, am confident my first goal will come soon, and it’s just a matter of time before I celebrate this goal with Al Jazira fans”.
Farfan described the matches of UAE league as tough and unpredictable, and explained “I played only two games with Al Jazira, but I know that the matches will always be tough, because all the teams reinforced their squad with well-known foreign players and very talented locals, so it will always we be hard to predict the winner from any match. Facing Sharjah in their home will be difficult of course, but we have to fight for the points and come back with them, because Al Jazira is playing only to win, and always searching for the full points and the victories”.