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  • Fri 14 Dec 2018, 19 : 30 - Arabian Gulf League

Gerets: the 3 Points of Al Dhafrra Match are Important

Abu Dhabi: 27 September 2014
The coach of the first team Eric Gerets insisted that his players needs to prove that they learnt from their mistakes and they will keep going on the right track, and explained that the competition for the league title demands to lessen your mistakes to the most minimum rate.
In the press conference he held yesterday to speak about Al Jazira preparations for Al Dhafrah match the coach said “We will play in this round away from our home against a fighting opponent; we are aiming for the three points from this match and we will do our best to get it”. “Our start was good so far and we get 7 points out of 9, tomorrow we will face a new challenge and we have to prove that we learnt from our mistakes and we will keep running in the right track”, he added.
The coach continued “In the last match we won by three goals but we did mistakes, fortunately those mistakes didn’t affect the outcome but we will discuss and analyze, after this press conference we will have video meeting and we will talk openly about our performance in that night”.
Gerets reveal that the victory over Emirates gave the team a mental advantage to prepare in a better way for the next game against Al Dhafrah, and explained “the gap between the two games is very short, today the training will be light and tomorrow we will have our first and last regular training session. Luckily we won last Thursday with big result, because this kind of victories gives you a sense of calm and a mental advantage to work with more enthusiasm and concentration”.
He added “competing for league title demands that you don’t slip any point at home, and add as much as you can from the away matches, we get the three points from our first away game and now we have to get this one also”.
Speaking about Al Dhafrah, the next host and opponent, Gerets said “They are a good team, they have very good striker who is strong and tall and plays perfectly as lone attacker, he keeps the ball under pressure and have the ability to shoot from the most difficult angles. The rest of their players are also good, and they play with great morale and shows fighting character in their matches, we will prepare ourselves as we must to face this opponent and to get away with the three points from their stadium”.
The manager shed some light on the physical condition of his players ahead of Monday game, and revealed “Yasir Matar is still suffering from minor injury in tendons but luckily for his and us it doesn’t affect him on training or during matches, and except of him I can say all the other players are in good physical shape”.