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Historical Advantage For Al Jazira Over Al Nasr

Abu Dhabi: 24 March 2014
Al Jazira first football team is preparing for their next away league, which will be against Al Nasr in Al Maktoum Stadium in Dubai, as part of the 21st round of the Arabian Gulf League; and the Pride of Abu Dhabi is preparing for this match with historical advantage over their hosts.
In the last 20 games between the two teams Al Jazira had the upper hand by winning 10 times over Al Nasr and drawing in 6 matches and losing 4 matches to them. The biggest win for Al Jazira was with 5 goals to 1 in their league match in 2009 - 2010, and the total of Al Jazira goals in Al Nasr during those matches is 42, while they accepted 31 goals from them.
During all those matches Al Nasr failed to beat Al Jazira in 12 consecutive matches, starting from the match that Al Jazira won in Al Maktoum Stadium in season 2007 – 2008 with 2 goals, and until the match that the team lost to Al Nasr in Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium with 5 goals  to 1 in season 2011 – 2012.
Stats and Numbers From This Season
In this season Al Jazira and Al Nasr played 20 matches, Al Jazira won 10 of them and drew in 7 and lost 3 times, while Al Nasr won 9 matches and drew at 4 also and lost 7 games.
Away from their home Al Jazira won 6 games, drew at 3 and lost another 1, and in their home matches Al Nasr won 6 games, drew at 2 and lost also 2.
In the league matches Al Jazira score 38 goals with 1.9 goals per match and accepted 27 goals; Al Nasr in return scored 33 goals with 1.65 goal / match and accepted 26 goals.
The longest winning streak for Al Jazira in this season is 3 consecutive matches, their longest undefeated streak is 8 matches, their biggest win was 3-0 and their biggest defeat was 3-2. The team kept 5 clean sheets and achieved 3 comebacks.
Al Jazira top scorer is Abdulaziz Barrada with 8 goals to each, and their top assist is Barrada who created 9 goals, followed by Mabkhout who created 3. 
The longest winning streak for Al Nasr in this season is only 2 consecutive matches, their longest undefeated streak is 4 matches; their biggest win was 6-1 and their biggest defeat was 3-1. The team kept 6 clean sheets and they didn’t achieve any comebacks.
Al Nasr top scorer is Toure with 13 goals, and their top assist is Eder who created 6 goals to his teammates.