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Keizer: Abu Dhabi Derby is Always Intense and Special

Abu Dhabi: Dec. 22, 2019
Marcel Keizer, the manager of the first football team, described Tuesday game against Al Wahda in the UAE President Cup as special and intense, and insisted that historical results and recent performances will not give any advantages to one team over the other.
Addressing the media ahead of the match, Keizer said “It’s going to be an open encounter because both teams knows a lot about each other as we faced them twice this season. We are improving and we are happy about our recent level but of course, we know we can still do better”.
“Derbies are always different and special, and we cannot rely on history or recent performances to predict its outcome”, the coach added. “It will be intense and strong because the two teams will fight hard to win and qualify to the quarterfinals, and this is exactly what will make Tuesday derby very good to watch, also exciting because you will never know what will happen next. Our confidence is high, and they have confident in themselves, so the chances will be equal and the victory will go to the best team of course”.
“Khaseif will not be ready for Al Wahda game, and we are weighing the chances of Khalfan and Batna to be fit for the match, and Sultan absence will continue for this week also”.
The manager of Al Jazira refused to discuss the importance of the derby to Al Wahda and chose to focus on his team, he explained “I don’t know what is happening in Al Wahda because I focus only on my team and I can’t speak about what it means for them to win or to lose on Tuesday. All the participants in this competition wants to fight for the title, and Al Jazira is not an exception from this rule, but we will take step by step and round by round, and we will think only about the mission on Tuesday”. 
“We won’t be carried away by our performance and victory against Al Wasl because this will be fatal mistake, and we are professional enough to stay focused and humble and looking forward only”.