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Keizer is Proud of Al Jazira despite the Elimination from the Arab Cup

Abu Dhabi: Nov. 26, 2019
The manager insisted that he is very proud of his players despite their 0:2 defeat to Ismaily and their elimination from the Arabs Cup, and explained that the team did their best to overcome the away defeat, and the big list of absentees in the squad.
Speaking to the media after the game Marcel said “First of all I would like to thank my players for their efforts, and for the spirit they should tonight in this complicated match. They did their best and fought hard to overcome the first defeat and to cover the huge gaps of the missing players, and for that, I am proud of them. We lost the match and our journey in the competition has ended, but there is many positive points that we can build on it for the future”.
“It’s good to see Kenno and Amer back to the squad after recovering from their injuries, and it’s also good to see where are we comparing to the opponents from other countries. However, there are some negative points that requires an intensive work from our side to improve them, and I guarantee you all that we are already working on them”.