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Keizer Verdict on the latest Friendly Defeat against Al Dhafra

Abu Dhabi: Sep. 12, 2020
Marcel Keizer said one of the main positive points from the friendly game his team lost tonight against Al Dhafra was the good performance the young players like Ahmed Fawzi provided against defensively tough opponent like Al Dhafra.
Al Jazira welcomed Al Dhafra earlier today at the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in a friendly match as part of the two teams preparations for the upcoming season. The 18 years old Ahmed Fawzi scored the first goal for Al Jazira 5 minutes after the kickoff, the referee awarded the guests three consecutive penalty kicks and they scored them all go 1:3 before Bruno Conceicao reduced the gap by scoring the second for the hosts. 
Speaking to www.jc.we after the game Marcel said, “Tonight the young players were good and they deserved to get this chance. For me the rule is simple, if you are good enough then you are big enough to train and start matches with Al Jazira, and we will keep giving chances and playing minutes whenever a player earns it and proves he deserve it. A long way is ahead of them to be regular starters for Al Jazira, but I am confident they will get there eventually”.
“We needed to test ourselves against tough and defensively minded team and Al Dhafra provided this opportunity for us tonight, and they gave us all what we needed to know about team in this stage of our preparations for the upcoming season. We will analyze tonight game and work harder to improve at every aspect of our game, and we will aim to perform better in the next friendly games so when the season begins we will be ready to take all different types of opponents”.
“We hope the season will start at soon as possible because we are eager to compete and take on opponents and fight for victories and points, but we trust the authorities and we will support whatever they will decide regarding return of football, because at the end the safety and wellness of the people comes before anything else”.