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Keizer: We Respect Everyone but We Fear No One

Abu Dhabi: Dec. 19, 2019
The manager insisted that the word “Fear” doesnt not existed in the vocabulary of his team, and heaped praise on Al Wasl team before he and his players visit them at Zabeel Stadium this weekend as part of matchweek 10 of the Arabian Gulf League.
“Luckily for us we had an extra day to rest than Al Wasl, and we need any rest we can have because some of our starting players are not in the best shape as they had to play six matches during the last twenty days”. Marcel said during the pre-game conference “We are being careful about this and we are shortening or lengthening the duration of the training sessions to avoid any more fatigue for the players”.
“Al Wasl improved a lot lately, and their performance against Al Wasl, when they fought very hard to draw the result while they were missing one player due to a red card, is strong indicator on their current level”, he added.
“We prepare for every game with the same amount of concentration and intensity, regardless the result of the previous match, and this was the case after the last game against Fujairah. We want to improve on a regular basis, and we will not feel relaxed if we win one or two games, because air goals are far higher than this”.
The Dutch coach insisted that his team has no fear towards any opponent, “We respect every team we face, but we don’t fear anyone no matter who they are, because we believe in ourselves, and because we have the necessary depth, talent and experience in our squad to go far in all the competitions, and have the utmost confidence on each one of my players”.
“Batna and Sultan will be out this weekend, and we still have 48 hours to evaluate the fitness of the rest of the team before we start taking decisions regarding the starting eleven against Al Wasl”.