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Matar Visits Bastos and Wishes Him Speedy Recovery

Al Ain: 30 December 2013
Al Jazira first football team midfielder, showed his human side and his great sportsmanship, when he headed to Al Ain city to visit Al Ain player Michel Bastos, and offered him his deep apologies for unintentionally injuring him in his arm, and wished him speedy recovery and fast coming back to the field.

The two players had collided when they were trying to reach a high ball during the first half of last Thursday match between Al Jazira and Al Ain; the Brazilian fell in pain and failed to continue playing and has been replaced after 20 minutes.
After he finished the last training session with Al Jazira, Matar headed to Khalifa bin Mohammed Stadium, where Bastos receives his medical treatment in Al Ain Club clinic. The club employees offered a warm welcome to Yasir, who exchanged hugs and laughing words with Bastos himself, and with Asamoah Gyan and Mirel Radoe, who happened to be in the clinic at that time, and who thanked Yasir for his nice gesture which confirmed that the sportsmanship is the basic of the football players’ relations inside and outside the field. 

Yasir presented flowers to Bastos, and apologized to him and wished him speedy recovery and fast coming back to the training and matches of his team. In return, the Brazilian refused to accept Yasir apologies and insisted that what happened is not worthy to apologize for, because these accidents happen all the time, and stressed that he is very sure about the good intentions of Yasir Matar and he knows that he didn’t meant to cause him this injury.
As he leaves, Yasir repeated his apologies and wishes for Bastos, who thanked him again and expressed his appreciation for his kind gesture.