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Milla: Am satisfied and the team will keep improving

During the post-match press conference, the manager Luis Milla revealed that they expected the scenario for the match against Al Shaab, and he confirmed that winning the first match in the new season is a reward to the players for the great work they did during the preseason.
Milla started the conference by saying that they expected the way the match against Al Shaab went, and they prepared the players to face this strong and very defensively disciplined opponent. He added that he is happy with the players reaction and with the competitive spirit they showed during the last part of the match when Al Shaab team were pressing to equalize the score.
Milla didn’t forget to mention that the pitch was not as good as its required to help his players to pass the ball smoothly, but he expressed his satisfaction about the team performance, and though he admitted they still need to improve on so many aspects, the manager explained he is very happy with the winning mentality that help the players to keep a clean sheet and take the result they want from the match.
And about the missing of the national trio Ali Khaseif, Khamis Ismail and Ali Mabkhout which are with UAE national team in KSA, Milla insisted that they prepare all the players during the training camp in and outside UAE to be ready and well-prepared to help the team whenever they’ve beem needed, and it will be not acceptable for the club to lose points because the squad is missing 2 or 3 players.
The Spanish coach reminded everybody that the performance against Al Shaab was good, but it’s too far from the performance they want to see from the team, because the team still needs to improve, and because he is still instilling his ideas and methods to the players, and he can promise everybody that the performance will be better by every week or round.
Milla stated that winning away and against a strong opponent like Al Shaab can be considered as a reward to the players for the great efforts they put during the preseason period in UAE, Switzerland and Germany. But again he admitted that his team has a long way to go to reach their best mental and physical levels.
At the end, Milla insisted that they take the season step by step, and they only think about and prepare for the match in their hands, so now they are not thinking about titles or finals.