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  • Fri 14 Dec 2018, 19 : 30 - Arabian Gulf League

Milla and Yaqub: Absences Will Not Affect Us Against Al Shabab

Abu Dhabi: 25 September 2013
The Spanish coach of Al Jazira team Luis Milla showed a great deal of confidence in his squad ability to overcome any player will not be available for the next match in the league, as he said during the pre-match press conference for the next match against Al Shabab in the third round of Arabian Gulf League, kicking off at Thursday 26 Sep. in Maktoum bin Rashid stadium.
At the start of the conference Milla praised Al Shabab team and described them as a strong and organized team, and issued a tribute to their coach for his good work and for instilling his ideas and character into his team in this early stage of the season.
Milla admitted that playing against Al Shabab in Maktoum bin Rashid stadium will always be a hard and difficult task, but he stressed that their chances of getting a positive result from that match will depend totally on their attitude, and insisted that the spirit they showed in the last match when they were missing two players against Al Wasl, will guarantee the the full points if they showed again against Al Shabab on Thursday.
The coach looked confident when he confirmed the missing of the suspended duo Chin Min and Abdullah Musa, and the injured Nelson Valdez will not affect his team on the next match, that’s because Al Jazira squad have a great depth that can overcome and compensate any missing player. Luis admitted that missing an important and regular startup player may force him to modify his tactics, but the team character and unique style will not be changed. And he also explained that its still early to decide who will replace who for that match.
The Spanish manager refused to describe his team starting for this season as bad, as he explained its too early to make any judgments on the league teams in the early stage of the competition.
In the last part of the conference the coach declared that he will use the break in the league after the third round matches and until the 19th of next October will be very useful and positive for the coaching staff and the players, as he will use it to review the team performance and to correct the negative aspects and improve the overall team performance.
Yaqub Al Hosani: Our Stadium is Not Pressuring Us
Al Jazira team midfielder Yaqub Al Hosani agreed with his coach about the strength of their next opponent in the next round of the league, Al Shabab team, confirming that the match against them will be very difficult because Al Jazira will play away from their home and without 3 of their most important players.
Yaqub admitted that missing Abdullah Musa, Min Chin and Nelson Valdez will affect them as players because of the great work the trio is doing for the team and for their effortless help for their teammates, but Al Hosani expressed at the same time his confidence on his coach ability to put the right startup 11 players who will help the team to get the 3 points from that match.
Al Hosani stressed that he will always respect his coach decisions and choices for the squad before and during the match, confirming that his replacement permanently and his inability to stay at the pitch for the whole 90 minutes doesn’t cause any problems for him, because what is important is respecting the coach decisions and putting the team best interest before his.
The midfielder concluded the press conference by insisting that playing in their ground Mohammed bin Zayed stadium is not putting any extra pressure on the players, as it may looks because of the two home defeats and  the three red cards they players received during these matches, and he added that Mohammed bin Zayed stadium will always give Al Jazira an extra advantage points over their guests in all the competitions.