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Milla: The Players Deserved to be Congratulated

Abu Dhabi: 16 September 2013
Luis Milla, head manager of Al Jazira Team praised his players for great performance and the fighting spirit they showed at Sunday against Al Shaab, and confirmed  that their believe in themselves was the reason behind winning the match at its last seconds.
In the post-match conference Milla said the first round of the league saw a lot of surprising result and dramatic matches, and about Al Jazira, he said the team looked always organized and dedicated to one style and goal in spite of the match complications, he also said that his players showed a great deal of confidence in themselves and their fighting spirit helped them to go back from the 0-1 result though they conceded an early goal and though their equalizer and winner goals scored in a very late time at the match.
Milla refused to call his team performance a chaotic and aimless during the first half, but he also admitted that a lot of work is waiting them as coaching staff and players, and all the league teams will need more time and matches to reach their ideal fitness and mental levels.
At the last part of the conference, Milla reminded that he’s not making long term goals for the team in this season, and think and prepare for every match and tournament separately, and they will always show the spirit and the attitude that they’ve showed against Al Shaab in all the upcoming matches.