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Milla: This Result Reflects Our Great Work

Dubai: 26 September 2013
Spanish young manager of Al Jazira Luis Milla looked happy for the result his team achieved away from their home over Al Shabab, and converting their defeat by an early goal to 4 goals win, but he also stressed that they will double their efforts and concentration to avoid accepting early goals and red cards in the upcoming fixtures, as he explained during the post-match press conference for the third round fixture of Arabian Gulf League.
Milla started the conference by expressing his happiness by the big result and great wok from his players, and though he admitted that they still need to improve all the aspects in their game, he said the big result against Al Shabab in Maktoum bin Rashid stadium can be a clear indication to the work they do during the training sessions and matches.
The coach confirmed that this win will not make them forget the necessity of fixing their bad start of matches and conceding early goals, but at the same time he admitted that he is happy for his players’ reaction toward this issue, as today they managed to comeback in a very exceptional way, and they were very close from winning their previous match against Al Wasl as they equalized the score after they conceded two goals and missed two players with red cards for 70 minutes of that match. Milla revealed that the secret behind these reactions and comebacks is the character they developed during the pre-season, and their great confidence in their chances and their ability to get the result they want from any opponent and in any competition and ground.
Milla admitted that he is worry about the red cards that has been shown to his players frequently, he stressed that all his players are high level professionals and they have enough experience to be fully aware of the great damage they may cause to their team by getting a red card.
He praised his striker Ali Mabkhout and described his performance against Al Shabab by the word “Perfect”; he defended his player and insisted that he wasn’t thinking about hurting his opponent and wasn’t intending to tackle his leg, the coach said that Mabkhout was emotional and enthusiastic because the nature of that part of the match and he expressed his trust on Mabkhout ability and intelligence to learn from this accident and show more self-control in the next matches.
The Spanish didn’t forget to comment on the referee decision about the early penalty he dismissed in the opening minutes for Al Jazira and he confirmed that he has never saw a referee points to the penalty point and give a penalty kick, and then consult his assistant about the case in spite of his good position and close range view for the foul; Milla admitted he was thinking about going and talk to the referee to get an explanation, but he changed his mind because he was sure the referee will not change his behavior towards his team.