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Oliveira: My Life in Abu Dhabi is Amazing

22 October 2013
In an interview with Al Watan newspaper, the Brazilian captain and attacker of the team Ricardo Oliveira spoke about his life in the capital Abu Dhabi, his hobbies and his favorite footballers, and also about Al Jazira and his national team.
How can you describe your life in Abu Dhabi?
It’s amazing, I feel at home and my family is happy to be here, Abu Dhabi makes your life easy and helps you to have the privacy you need to spend good times with your family and friends. I thank god for giving me the chance to play for Al Jazira and live in Abu Dhabi, and I thank H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan for believing in me and for making my life and my career easier in every possible way.
What are your personal ambitions for this season?
I have no personal goals or ambition, what matters for me is the team goals and I will do whatever I can to help the team winning titles this season.
What does the number 99 means to you?
Am not attached to this number, when I start playing in Brazil I wore the shirt no. 9, but I wore so many different numbers in the different clubs I played for. In my first season in Al Jazira I was playing with 9, but when I had that injury I went to Brazil for treatment, and when I came back my teammate Bari was wearing 9, so I decided to take the shirt no.99.

What are your favorite hobbies?
I love music very much, I can play many instruments but I love the guitar and I enjoy signing with it. My wife is musician and my kids are learning to play guitar and violin, and I started recently to take piano lessons.
Can anyone of your teammates play in Europe?
This squad has so many wonderful players and who have what it takes to play on the highest levels in Europe, for example there is Ali Mabkhout, Subait Khater, Khamis Ismail and Abdullah Musa; they will have great careers if they decided to go out.
Who are your favorite coach, player and club from outside UAE?
I like the methods of Pep Guardiola and the beautiful attacking football he gives. And my favorite player is Lionel Messi as he is the best individually and collectively; and the best club in recent years for me is Barcelona.

Why does Al Jazira keep conceding early goals this season?
In the last season we lost so many vital points by losing focus and conceding late goals, but in this season we concede it early but of course we can always react and show the right attitude in the right time. I know we will suffer some times but am what sure about is that we will keep fighting for every single point in every match.
Can you expect some new competitors for the league titles?
For me it will be between Al Jazira, Al Ahli and Al Ain. It will be hard for the rest of the team to break the dominance of this trio and enter their race for the titles. The league competition is long and very complicated so we have to play always with concentration and passion and show respect to every opponent no matter where is place in the league table.
What are the chances for Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2014?
Brazil will be favorite nominee to win the cup for 2014, and also for this FIFA U-17 World Cup. I also supported UAE in this tournament, they deserved better results and I admire the great progression they had in the last years and the great production of their juniors and youth schools.