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Sabil: Happy to be Back and Thanks to Everybody

Abu Dhabi: 24 November 2013
The first football team had a light training session only a few hours after Saturday derby match against Al Wahda, in the first sub-pitch in the club at the morning of Sunday 24th of November, with participation of all the players and under the supervision of Walter Zenga and his assistants.
The players have been divided to two groups, the first consisted of whom who played against Al Wahda, and they worked with the fitness coach to treat the fatigue they suffered after the derby. The second group consisted of the players who didn’t start or missed the match; they stayed in the field for a longer time, and practice on different tactics, and also on shooting with both feet and from different angles.
After the training, the team defender Khalid Sabil spoke to the club official website about his return from injury and playing his first match of this season.
He thanked Allah for helping him healing from the injury and getting back to his best shape and play for the team again. He also thanked the medical staff who worked with him during the last months and on a daily basis to treat him, help him recover his shape and prepare him to join his teammates in the field again. Khalid also thanked his teammates for their continuous support, his coach for his trust and for giving him the chance to play his part in the derby, the management of the team and the club for being around him and supporting him in all the possible ways.
Sabil expressed his happiness for being in the field and defending Al Jazira shirt with his teammates against a tough opponent and rival like Al Wahda. He revealed that he was so determine to push forward and help his teammates to score the winner, which was achieved thanks to Allah, to his teammates, and to Nelson Valdez who converted his cross into the net.
At last, Sabil admitted that he still need time to be at his best physical level and to be 100% ready to start the matches, but in return he insisted that his body condition is very good and he will always be under the disposal of his coach, who can count on him any time.