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Ten Cate: Persepolis Fans will Help us to Player Better

Tehran: May 13, 2018
The head coach of Al Jazira team, Henk Ten Cate, insisted that his team will enjoy the crowded atmosphere in the Azadi stadium tomorrow, when they battle the home team Persepolis for a position the quarterfinal of the AFC Champions League.
Speaking to the Iranian media in the pre match conference, the coach said “We came to Tehran to defend our lead in the first match, and to return with the qualification ticket to the quarterfinal round. Tomorrow match will be tough, and the stadium will be full of excited fans, but we have the necessary trust in ourselves, and in our chances to get the result we deserve. The opponents are strong, organized, building their attacks from effectively behind, and they have some good players of course”.
 “I have good idea about the strengths and weaknesses in their performance, because I watch some recorded matches for them, and also because I played them last week. What is important for me is to score against them, and it does not matter if we scored at the beginning or during the last minutes of the game. I don’t want to speak about that controversial penalty, because football is game of mistakes, and I hope we will commit the less mistakes than Pesepolis, and we win the game over them”, Ten Cate added.
The manager believes that the pressure will on Persepolis tomorrow, not on Al Jazira, he explained, “They will suffer from the pressure, not us. We will be happy if we get a draw, but for them, victory will be their only chance to qualify. Their fans will also put more pressure on them, because their expectations are very high. Meanwhile, we will try to enjoy the game, and the atmosphere in the stadium, as we did against Real Madrid in the Club World Cup, and we will do our best to make everyone proud of us”.