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The Team Keeps Preparing for Al Ain Match

Abu Dhabi: 25 December 2013
The first football team kept their daily training session going as they prepare for the next match against Al Ain, which will be in Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium at Friday the 27th of December, as part of the 12th week of the Arabian Gulf League.
The preparations for this match started after he two days the players had after the last match against Bani Yas, it started at Sunday with morning and night sessions, and in Monday evening, Tuesday morning and at Wednesday evening with a session led by the head coach Walter Zenga and his assistants.
Ricardo Oliveira participated in the last training after he missed Tuesday session due to a severe cold; meanwhile Ali Mabkhout and Khamis Ismail trained under close supervision of the team session as the latest medical tests revealed that their physical fitness levels are still far from the ideal level and they still need intensive rehabilitations, which means their chances of playing in Friday against Al Ain has threatened, and the decision of starting them as substitutes will be postponed until the last a few hours before the match.
The defenders Musallem Fayez and Abdullah Musa trained with their teammates even though they are out of their coach choices for Al Ain match due to suspension, as the last game against Bani Yas saw them getting their third yellow card this season.
On Wednesday evening the players prepared for the session with the fitness coach and the team physician in the gymnasium; they headed with their coach to the training field and had a volley match by feet, then a short inner match lasted for 20 minutes saw a continuous directing from Walter Zenga and great spirit from all the players.