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The Team Refuse to Rest and Prepares for Al Wahda

Abu Dhabi: 8 December 2013
The first football team ran their second training session in the night of December the 7th in the first sub-pitch in the club, for their anticipated match against Al Wahda in the the UAE President Cup.
The team didn’t have their usual day off, and in the morning of the following day of the last match against Al Ahli, the players had a morning training session, and they kept their preparatory schedule going when they trained in the evening on last Sunday with a session supervised by the head coach Walter Zenga and his assistant, and with a full squad except for the injured players.
At the first part of the session, the fitness coach worked intensively with the players to increase their endurance and fitness level, then they had been divided into two groups, the first one consisted of the attackers and midfielder and they worked with the assistant coach on different buildup tactics and attacking methods; the second one consisted of the defenders, and they worked with Zenga on defensive, marking and covering tactics; while the goalkeepers worked separately with their coach.
In the last part of the session the players had an internal match that saw high competitive spirit from all the players, as they attempting to convince their manager to put them in his startup squad for Thursday game. Considering that the team is having a crucial match against Al Emirates in next Saturday, the coach will try to use his players as much as possible to avoid any extra fatigue or exhaustion, meaning that the playing chances will increase for everyone.
The team departed after the training to Al Ain city, as they will camp and train there to prepare to compete with Al Wahda on next Tuesday for the qualifying spot in the quarterfinal round of the cup.