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UAE Ambassador and Legia Warsaw Chairman Visits Al Jazira Club

Abu Dhabi: Nov. 17, 2017
Mr. Ayed Mabkhout Al Hajeri, CEO of Al Jazira Club, we each welcomed each of H.E. Dr. Yousef Eisa Hassan Al Saberi, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Poland, and Mr. Daruisz Miodoski, Chairman and Owner of Legia Warsaw Club, upon their visit to Al Jazira Club and the Mohammed bin Zayed stadium.
Mabkhout and Mr. Miodoski, with participation of H.E. Dr. Yousef Al Saberi held a meeting where they discussed the ways of strengthening the relationships between the two club, and the possibilities of exchanging the managerial, financial and sports experiences. Mr. Miodoski has been briefed about different department of Al Jazira Football Company, as Ayed Mabkhout discussed with him the experience of the company in applying the leading and effective methods in applying the practicing the football management as a professionalism, and he also discussed with his guests the short and long term projects in developing the academy and football schools of Al Jazira club and the community responsibilities.
Ayed Mabkhout offered his gratitude to H.E. Dr. Yousef Al Saberi for his visit to the club and to the Mohammed bin Zayed stadium, and he described this visit as a very important and positive, and he explained that exchanging visits between Al Jazira and the leading sports clubs in Europe, such as Legia Warasw, supports the continuous ambitions of Al Jazira to establish its place as the best professional club in the UAE, and one of the best in Asia.
From his side, Mr. Miodoski thanked Ayed Mabkhout for the warm welcome, and he confirmed that this visit will be the start of a continuous and successful relationship between Al Jazira and Legia Warsaw, on the sports, financial, and managerial level, and it will also serve as a chance to have closer look at the opportunities of investment in the United Arab Emirates.