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Zenga: Al Jazira Still Missing the Team Character

Abu Dhabi: 31 October 2013 
Al Jazira coach Walter Zenga revealed during the post-match press conference of Dubai match that his team is still missing the team spirit, and the players are still mentally suffering from the latest negative results, and promised that he will work with the players inside and outside the field to set things right.
The Italian started the conference by explaining that his team start of the match was perfect, and they managed to apply some of the aspects they were working on during the last training session; he admitted that they failed to control the match as they wish, but even after they scored the second goal they failed to do so, before the fatigue and lack of concentration cost them their lead and allowed Dubai to come from behind and equalize the score.
The coach insisted that he didn’t have the needed time to deliver his ideas to the players; he said he took charge only before 3 days, and the players were still frustrated because of the negative results, and confused because of the coaching staffs changing. He described the point they get from Dubai match as positive, although he admitted that the 3 points would have given them a huge boost to back on track and remain in the victories path.
Zenga admitted that his team suffered from the midfield underperformance and the spacious lines between that area and attack, which forced Oliveira and Valdez to go back and get the ball. He assured that he will work with the players to solve this issue and all the issues in the team performance.
Back to discuss Dubai match, Zenga admitted that they conceded too many shots on target and the match offensive statistics made Dubai looks stronger, be he reminded that his team is going through unbalance phase now, and the squad missed some key players like the suspended midfielder Khamis Ismail and the two full right-backs Khalid Sabil and Salim Masoud. He also refused to say that changing Musallem Fayez position and starting with Ali Alameri for the first time this season, were not they reasons behind the shaky defensive performance, and that the team conceded many goals without Al Ameri and with Fayez in his position as center back, which means that the problem is not tactically, but mentally at the first place. 
He also revealed that the biggest problem is the absence of the team spirit, and lack of communication inside the field and during the match, he admitted that Al Jazira is not a team right now, and without team spirit, sacrifice and group mentality, Al Jazira will not achieve anything; but he explained that his duty as head manager is to re-instill these values inside his players and help them to play together and for each other and express their fighting spirit more often in the remaining matches of this season.