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Zenga: I knew Nelson and Valdez will win us the game

Abu Dhabi: 24 November 2013
The boss looked happy with the performance of his team and their victory over Al Wahda with a 4th goal scored in the extra time, but he stressed that they should find solutions for the repeated mistakes they commit in the derby; this while he was speaking in the post-match press conference.
The coach start by expressing his happiness for the big win in Al Nahyan Stadium, and for scoring the winner in the added minutes of the second half; although he refused to celebrate this victory, the coach explained that winning the derbies is always special and gives the player an extra motivation and desire to put more effort in the trainings and next matches.
The Italian admitted his team made many crucial mistakes in that match and assured that they will work more to fix these issues in the next days and will talk to the players about it. He insisted that conceding early goals is their main problem right and his team will not be able to score 4 goals in every match to compensate for this.
He refused to put the responsibility of the poor defensive performance on the shoulders of his defense players as he insisted that the team is defending and attacking as a group; and they should take blame as a team in the same way the celebrate victories as a team. He also explained that he will not make a time frame for finding solutions for these issues, but promised that they will work intensively to sort it out.
Zenga revealed that he was 100% sure that Khalid Sabil and Nelson Valdez will help the team sealing the victory over Al Wahda and that’s why he substituted in that crucial match of the match; he issued special praise for Khalid Sabil, who touched the green grass on a competitive match for the first time this season; he described him as a brave and strong heart player and stressed that he will give him playing minutes carefully to give him the chance to recover his ideal fitness level, and the same will go for Nelson Valdez, who just recovered from a complicated injury.
The coach refused to discuss his plan for the winter transfers window as explained that it’s too early, and the team will play some match during that part of the season so they will need to think and decide carefully about that subject before taking any steps.
Zenga finished the conference by pointing out the importance of playing the upcoming match with the same spirit and character the team showed against Al Wahda, and that the players never stop fighting for the points until the referee blew his last whistle; he also explained that they were working always to strength the team and group spirit and the sacrifice values inside his players, as it will be the only way to achieve their goals for this season.