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Zenga: Our Preparations for Bani Yas are Different This Time

Abu Dhabi: 17 December 2013
Walter Zenga revealed that a specific factors has made him change his methods for the preparations for the next match against Bani Yas in the league, this is during the press conference he held on Tuesday the 19th of December to talk about that match.
The coach started by explaining that the first factor is the team recovering his personality and strong attitude in the matches, as it was obvious in the last match against Emirates, where the team managed to get his first win in MBZ stadium and also kept a clean sheet and fought hard during the two playing halves. He explained that he will work on instilling these values in his players and guide them to work with it even better in the next match.
The Italian insisted that the points difference between the two teams or between the upper section of the table teams will not affect his preparations for this match, he confirmed that he deal with each match separately and concentrate only on strengthen their strong sides and exploiting the opponent weaknesses. He also explained that the different environment of each match is making him thinks only about the points that lay in front on him, not on the other teams points.
Speaking about the physical conditions of his players, the coach revealed that Ali Mabkhout will be under monitoring and evaluation before deciding whether to start with him or put him in the bench on Thursday night, and confirmed that the midfielder Khamis Ismail will miss this match and will take all the time he needs to recover from his injury. He spoke also about Nelson Valdez, and explained that the team latest complicated conditions forced him to play even before he recover totally from his injury.
Zenga discussed the possibility of giving the youngster more playing chances in the next games; he said that he is happy with what Khalfan Mubarak and Ahmed Rabee offered for the team last Saturday against Emirates, and he will keep giving the chances to whoever deserve it, and revealed that his next young addition to the squad will be the U19 attacker Ahmed Al Attas.
He moved to speak about the next opponent, their Thursday night hosts Bani Yas team; he described as strong, ambitious and brave team, and added that he doesn’t agree with those who says that the duo Varena and Munoz are Bani Yas half strength, but for him, the most influential player in their squad is Nawaf Mubarak, and described him as smart and brilliant player, who can control the rhythm of his team from his position inside the field.
The coach finished his part in the conference by assuring that he learnt all the hard lessons that the last match against Bani Yas taught him, he promised that he and his players will work to put a continuous pressure on Bani Yas inside their field to avoid the repetition of the last game scenario.
Fayez: Our Defensive Performance is Improving
In the second part of the conference, the team defender Musallem Fayez insisted that the team defensive performance is improving as it was clear in the last two matches, and promised that they will keep working hard to raise the team level and match it with Al Jazira reputation and its legacy as competitive and titles winner team.
Fayez explained that their first victory in Mohammed bin Zayed this season in the last week, and keeping their sheet clean in that match has motivated them to work harder in the training sessions and to fight in the home of Bani Yas to keep the team in the winning ways; he also said that the last week results minimized the points difference in the upper half of the table, and this make winning in the next match is their only choice.
Musallem expressed that he feels a little bit satisfied about the performance he offered for the team since he joined Al Jazira in the last summer transfer window coming from Al Ain; and insisted that he will not be completely satisfied until he help the team win titles in this season or in the next.