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Zenga: Sharjah is the Revelation of this Season

Abu Dhabi: 31 December 2013
Walter Zenga, the coach of Al Jazira team, described his next opponent Sharjah as the revelation of this season so far, this is during the press conference he held in the evening of Tuesday the 31st of December to discuss this match.
In the first part of the conference Zenga issued special praise for Sharjah coach Paulo Bonamigo, and described him as one of the best football managers in UAE, and explained that he transformed Sharjah into tough and disciplined team who fight in all his matches.
In return he explained that what should counted for Al Jazira is that Sharjah coach has worked with his players from the first day of the summer preparations and had the chance to choose the players he needs for his ideas, unlike Al Jazira who exchanged their coach in the last days of last October, but they managed to reach the third place with the same points with Sharjah, and get above them in the league table by goals advantage rule.
The coach confirmed that he is preparing his players for Sharjah match in the same way he prepared them for the previous matches, and he will keep applying the same methods in all the next games; explaining that these methods are depending on keeping the players concentration on its highest levels and keeping them focusing only about next match, and also by pressuring them positively to help them give their best for the team.
Zenga insisted that the long list of absentees due to suspensions, injuries or national duties will not force him to change the team style and tactics, explaining that his trust on all his players will help him to apply the tactics he needs without worrying about the missing players.
He refused to add more specialty on this game only considering that Al Jazira has lost in their stadium to this team in the UAE League Cup earlier this season. The coach assured that they are not attached to the past and they are not thinking about the far future and only focusing about the present and on doing their work in the best possible way; and also insisted that all the matches will be special and important for him.
Musa: We Will Beat Sharjah in their Ground
In the second part of the conference, the team defender Abdullah Musa revealed that Al Jazira players are determined to pay their debt for Sharjah who beat them in Mohammed bin Zayed in the cup, by beating them in their stadium next Thursday in the league competition.
Musa explained that the defeat to Sharjah in the Cup caused by external factors, like injuries, suspensions and national duties, and assured that beating this team in the league will be the best reaction to that defeat, as the league competition is more important than the cup for the players.
The player explained that he couldn’t give his best usual performance for Al Jazira in the first rounds of this season because he was heavily attached by defensive duties, but now he explained that the freedom he had from his coach Walter Zenga and his instructions for him to help the attack line has helped him to improve and play better in the latest weeks.
Musa finished the conference by insisting that the title race is not decided yet for Al Ahli, who is in the first place with 4 points ahead of the second tem and 7 ahead of the third. He explained that the finish line is still far, and Al Jazira will fight to collect the largest possible points from the 42 available points in the league credit.