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Zenga: Tough Situations Makes Al Jazira Stronger

Abu Dhabi: 18 February 2014
The team coach Mr. Walter Zenga promised that he and his players will always feels and reacts positive towards all the negative situations that the team suffered during the last a few days, and they will prepare in the best possible way for the next match against Dubai.
The coach started the conference by commenting on the suspension of his trio Abdulaziz Barrada, Ali Mabkhout and Khalid Sabil for the events happened in the last match against Al Dhafra, and asked to judge on such cases by looking at the all picture, not only the seconds before the referee decisions and actions.
Zenga explained that Barrada and Mabkhout received yellow cards because they discussed the referee decision of allowing Al Dhafra players to play a free kick without his permission and with the ball moving, so instead of punishing Al Dhafra players for their fault, he punished Al Jazira players for protesting.
He added that Barrada received second yellow card because the referee got affected by Al Dhafra overreacting when he acted like he seriously injured in his head, but he jumped on his feet once he saw Barrada leaving the pitch with that red card.
In the same context, Zenga insisted that Al Dhafra coach Abdullah Misfer should have been punished instead of Khalid Sabil, because he kept provoking Al Jazira players from the line, and because he left the technical are and moved to block Khalid Sabil way to the ball, which forced the latter to use his hand to move him away.
The coach assured that he and his players are professional enough to accept defeats and admit their failure to play good, and explained that he kept working on the last training session to prepare his players mentally to accept such incidents in the future, and to focus on their performance only regardless what the referee and the opponents do to distract them.
The Italian insisted that neither he nor his players will delay the match by pretending injuries and will not provoke their opponent with non-sports actions. He clarified that he don’t have any objections towards the punishment over his players, but he will always object against the methods they use to issue these punishments.
Zenga revealed that he always kept a positive attitude towards all the complicated situations that affected him and the team he manages, and confirmed that the events of Al Dhafra match made the team more united and didn’t affect the understanding between him and the club.
The manager stressed that he will now have any problems in replacing the suspended players in the next match against Dubai, and revealed that he will hesitate in putting 5 or 6 youth player in the startup line for that match if he had to, explaining that he has full and blind trust on his squad.
Speaking about the next opponent, Zenga acknowledged that Dubai has nothing to lose now because their position in the league table, and will fight harder in the next matches to move upward in the table and secure their position to avoid relegation by the end of the season. He promised that his team will be very concentrated and focused during that match, and wished that the match circumstances help them to play for more minutes.
The coach finished the conference by announcing that his team will always believe in their chances to win the title, while it still possible mathematically.