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Zenga: We Failed to Deal with the Problems we Faced

Abu Dhabi: 29 November 2013
The team coach Walter Zenga offered his congratulations to UAE rulers and people for the 42nd National Day, and for Dubai winning the EXPO 2020, this during the press conference he held after Al Jazira match against Al Nasr in the Arabian Gulf League.
Zenga started discussing the match by explaining that his team kicked off the match in a good way, and they were very close from scoring the opener but they didn’t invest that opportunity properly; and after that they failed to deal with the problems they faced during the rest of the second match, and the same scenario repeated itself in the second half, although the opponent lost one of their players by a direct red card.
The coach stressed that he wouldn’t be satisfied even if they managed to equalize the score, because the performance in that night with below the standards of a big and competitive team like Al Jazira He admitted that the team is still suffering defensively, but they still working to correct this mistakes, and they will work in the next a few days considering that they will play 2 important matches against Al Ahli in the league, and against Al Wahda in the President Cup.
The Italian refused the agree with whom who described his team reaction towards their numerical advantage over their opponent; he explained that Al Nasr used the space that has been created after Al Jazira rushed forward offensively, and they broke the rhythm of the match with their repeatedly falling down, and forced Al Jazira players to lose their concentration in those crucial minutes of the match.
He also revealed that he spoke with the referee asking him to stop Al Nasr players from wasting the time match, and also asked for the season behind adding only 4 minutes as an extra time for the second half, without considering the minutes that Al Nasr players wasted while they were receiving medical treatment inside the pitch; and the referee answered him by sending him off the pitch.
In the last part of the conference, the coach explained that he pulled Musallem Fayez and replaced him with Ahmed Rabee because he was worried about his defender and thought the nature of the match at that moments might force him to take a second yellow card, and also because he wanted to add another attacker to his squad who was fighting for a comeback at the part of the match.