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Zenga: Win is Our Only Choice against Al Nasr

Abu Dhabi: 26 November 2013
Walter Zenga revealed that playing against his old team Al Nasr will be more important and special for Al Jazira, and for him personally, this during the press conference he held on Tuesday 26th of November to speak about Thursday match in Mohammed bin Zayed.
Zenga started by explaining that Al Nasr was his second house for 2 years and half, while he was coaching their first football team, he added that he had a lot of great times there and still enjoying a lot of beautiful memories between the walls of this club and he will always appreciate them for giving him the first chance to live and work in UAE.
But in return he stressed that all these emotions will disappear when the referee blew the first whistle, and he will only think about beating Al Nasr and make them leave Mohamed bin Zayed Stadium empty handed.
The coach explained that he knows that Al Jazira didn’t beat Al Nasr in the last two seasons, and the team didn’t win any match at MBZ stadium this season, and this will make winning the 3 points is their only choice in this match.
The coach returned to discuss the shaky defensive performance of his team in their latest matches and the easy goals they concede frequently. He added that he couldn’t enjoy the great win over Al Wahda in the derby because his team conceded 3 goals in that night. He assured that getting the 3 points from the derby didn’t make him forget the inevitability of increasing the concentration levels of his players and improving their communication with each other inside the field and during the match, explaining that it will be the only way to strengthen the team defensively.
He also insisted that the responsibility for every mistake or defeat will be taken by the whole team and the coaching staff, and specially him because it’s his job to make the team better and always improving. He added that the players, coaches and referees mistakes are genuine part of football, and dealing with it should be handled professionally.
Zenga described Al Nasr as a tough and brave team, who don’t feel afraid to attack the big teams in their grounds, he admitted that he still has connections of the most of this team squad, but he will forget all this and will treat them as a must be defeated opponent.
The boss expressed his relief by getting his attacker Ricardo Oliveira from suspension, and for the great recovery of Nelson Valdez and Khalid Sabil. He said that he, as any other coach, loves to work with a complete squad and his job gets easier when he have all his players under his disposal, but in return he explained that he will be very careful about giving playing minutes to his men, to avoid any exhaustion or fatigue during the upcoming crowded weeks of this season.
Valdez: Am Eager To Fight For Al Jazira
In the second part of the conference, the Paraguayan attacker Nelson Valdez expressed his happiness for joining back the team and for his contribution in the victory they achieved in the derby against Al Wahda.
Nelson believed that the continuity is the only missing element to make Al Jazira a serious contender for the league title this season, and explained that the great win over Al Wahda will be meaningful if they lost the next match against Al Nasr.
He confirmed that he recovered completely from his latest injury and now his fit to play for as long as his coach want him to play, and he is eager to be in the field fighting to help the team winning every match they play until the end of the season.
Valdez wrapped up the conference by expressing his happiness for the winner he scored in the extra time against Al Wahda, and wished that his goals and his efforts can help the team wins titles at the end.