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14 players represent the pride of Abu Dhabi in Japan's Grand Slam 2019 for Jujitsu

Thursday 25th of Jul 2019 12:00:00 AM

 Abu Dhabi, 20 July 2019
Al Jazira Club for Jogitsu held the second round of the Grand Slam Championship in Abu Dhabi on July 27-28.
The delegation was led by Captain Abdulla Al-Qamah, the team's player and manager, and Abeer Al-Suwaidi, the game supervisor of Al-Jazira women's team and Brazilian coach Roger Alexander. The mission included 14 players and 4 players who will compete with a large number of players from 35 participating countries from around the world.
 This tournament is of great importance as it gives the winner of the first place 200 points in the annual world rankings, the second 160 points, the third 120 points, the fourth 80 points, and is held in the country of origin of the sport as the Jujitsu originated historically in Japan more than 800 years ago The level of practice, before the turn in the beginning of the last century to Brazil and adopted by the family of Gracie to lay down their laws and evaluate the academies and competitions and the transition from the stage of hobby to the stage of professionalism.
It is worth mentioning that the pride of Abu Dhabi is the first championship in the new season in the Russian tour and seeks to follow up the strength and the issuance of the local ranking to achieve the ultimate goal and crown the shield of the overall excellence that has been crowned twice in a row.