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Al Jazira, Daman and E. Frankfurt Launches Super 11 Tournament

Abu Dhabi: 13 Novembr 2013
Al Jazira Football Company, in corporation Daman Company, Eintracht Frankfurt Football Club and Espana Sports Academy, held a press conference on the Al Jazira Club press conference room at Wednesday 13th of November, to Launch Super 11 Football Tournament for schools.
Attended the conference Mr. Ammar Al Bashir, Al Jazira CEO; Dr. Sven Rohte, Chief Commercial Officer at Daman; Mr. Marcus Ulander, Head of Middle East / Managing Director of BHF-BANK, representing the Board Members of Eintracht Frankfurt Club. And Mr. Juan Pedro Benali, the CEO of Espana Sports Academy, and representatives from the participating schools and media. 
Mr. Ammar started the conference by welcoming the guests, and explained that Al Jazira hosted this event as part of the club, the Football Company and it’s president Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan interest in continuing to strength the incorporation of Al Jazira with the community, and expanding the popularity and the fan-base of Al Jazira; which are the projects that the club remained keen to implement successfully on a continuous basis; and that they are proud to cooperate with these institutions in launching this tournament for this season, and for the next season as we hope.
He also added that they are proud to support this initiative to fight the children obesity and encourage them to maintain a healthy life style by keep practicing their favorite sport, which is football. 
Ammar introduced Mr. Sven Rohte, who said: “Appreciating peak performance is something engrained in our philosophy, And we are strong believers that such performance is only possible through both physical and mental fitness. We see the Super 11 as a long-term initiative that complements our holistic approach to create healthy habits that will develop into a healthier future for our children based on fun activities and education under Daman’s Active-life brand. The Super 11 tournament, an initiative brought to fruition with the support of Al Jazira Club and Eintracht Frankfurt shareholder BHF-BANK, will motivate children across Abu Dhabi to train and exercise for the tournament.”
From his side, Mr. Marcus Ulander said: “Football is known as the ‘global game’ and matches from the German Bundesliga are seen by many football fans in Abu Dhabi. It is vital that children understand that leading an active lifestyle from an early age is very important. We look forward to witnessing a successful tournament and are proud to offer the winning team an opportunity to train with a professional Eintracht Frankfurt coach”.
He also revealed that the German team will by hosted by Al Jazira Club and will play a friendly match against the first football team in January of the next year.

In the second part of the press conference, Mr. Ammar Al Bashir announced a new partnership for Al Jazira Club, which was with Espana Sports Academy, who will launch this partnership by managing the matches of Super 11 Tournament.
Ammar introduced Mr. Benali, the academy CEO, who explained in details all the technical sides of the tournaments, and explained that a technical committee headed by the academy general manager Mr. Mario Luna will choose the top 11 players who will spend a training period under the supervision of Eintracht Frankfurt Club.
Worthy to be mentioned is that the tournaments consists of teams from 24 schools and will be divided into two categories, the first is U-14 and the second is U-16, with a total of more than 500 students from these schools. The matches will be played at the 16th and 23rd of November, and on the 7th of next December.